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Young Professional Series: How To Nail An Interview

by Andrew Tiziano on November 23, 2017  in best denim jeanscool dress shirtnice clothes for guys

In our last blog, we offered readers some advice on how to get an interview. From making a killer resume to following up with the employer, getting an interview is half the battle. The other half is actually doing well in your interview.

How To Nail Your Interview

  • Dress To Impress: First impressions are everything. Make sure that you are wearing nice clothes that are clean and free from wrinkles. A. Tiziano has a huge selection of cool dress shirts exactly for this purpose. Along these lines, be sure not to overdress. Do some research and find out what the company’s dress code is. If they wear suits and ties there, dress accordingly for your interview. If they wear jeans and t-shirts, opt for nice dark jeans and a tucked-in button up.
  • Do Your Research: Learn everything you can about the company and the position. If possible, understand what your responsibilities will be so you can tailor your interview answers to fit the position. Interviewers will view you as a better candidate if they can see you’ve done your homework and that you have shown interest in the company.
  • Get There Early: Even if you get there so early that you have to sit in your car in the parking lot for 20 minutes, at least you weren’t late.
  • Come Prepared: Bring an extra copy of your resume and cover letter. If you have had previous experience in a similar job, bring a portfolio of work or evidence of success. If you have a website or online portfolio, bring a business card with your name and website address.
  • Know The Right Answers: Okay, really, there is no “right” answer to interview questions, but there are wrong answers. The Muse and Inc both have handy common question-and-answer resources to study.
  • Prepare Your Own Questions: Most interviews end with the interviewer asking, “Do you have any questions for me?” You should always have questions to ask - even if you write them down on a piece of paper. Don’t ask about hours, time off, or money. This can all be taken up with an HR rep later if you need to know. Good topics include asking about room for advancement within the company, training opportunities, what would an average day look like, and the company culture. ‘
  • Follow Up: When you leave, shake the hands of those who interviewed you and thank them for the opportunity. Within 24 hours of the interview, send a followup email where you them again, restate your interest in the company and why you are a good candidate, and use this as an opportunity to provide additional information. If you forgot to say something or misspoke during your interview, let them know.

It Starts With A First Impression

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