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Young Professional Series: How To Get An Interview

by Andrew Tiziano on November 16, 2017  in cool dress shirtsmodern sweaters for menpremium menswear

You know by now that A. Tiziano makes premium clothes for polished men who like to look their best every day. A lot of young professionals choose A. Tiziano’s cool dress shirts and clothing for their day-to-day lives in order to look distinguished and stylish. In order to help out those who are just getting started in the workforce, we want to take some time to offer tips for young professionals to land your dream job. It all starts with getting an interview at a place where you want to work. In our next blog, we’ll give you some advice on how to nail your interview, but in the meantime, work on getting the interview with the tips below.

How To Get An Interview

In today’s world, most companies accept applications online which means there is a higher number of qualified (and unqualified) candidates than ever before because you don’t have to go in and ask for a job anymore. A company may receive hundreds of applications for a single position - so how do you stand out?

  • Make Sure Your Resume Is Visually Appealing: Do a lot of research online about how to make your resume actually look good on paper. Resumes are no longer about using just 12-point Times New Roman font. Stick to one page - two at the MOST. There are plenty of modern resume templates online to get you started, so there is no need to spend time reinventing the wheel. Many websites offer resume writing tips and help, such as Huffington Post, Monster, and Glassdoor.
  • Make Sure Your Resume Is Accurate: Don’t lie on your resume. Trust us, someone will find out. If you say you are proficient at computer coding and the only coding you’ve ever done was mess with the HTML on your Myspace page in 2006, then you definitely don’t want to get hired for a job where you are supposed to create code websites.
  • Proofread your resume. Then proofread it again. Then give it to a friend to proofread. Even a single spelling error or misuse of a word can look bad.
  • After you submit your application and resume, don’t just wait for them to come to you. Like we said, you might be one of hundreds of applications. Be sure to follow up a few days later by phone or email. Let them know that you applied, that you are interested in the job, and - here’s the key - ask for an interview. Saying something like, “I would love to schedule an interview to discuss this position further,” or, “I look forward to meeting with you for an interview” can go a long way. Re-attach your resume to the email for good measure.

Next Step: Pick Your Interview Outfit

After you  schedule the interview, start thinking about what you’re going to wear in order to dress to impress. We’ll offer some tips for dressing well and nailing an interview in our next blog. Your interview is coming up fast - get your A. Tiziano cool dress shirts today and make sure you look sharp.