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The History Of Premium Denim

Denim is one of the most beloved fabrics in the world. It combines durability and comfort with effortless cool, and once your favorite pair of denim jeans is broken in there’s nothing like it. At A. Tiziano, we love denim. In fact, our entire brand was created around providing premium denim that’s a fresh as it is classic. Using high quality denim fabric, our jeans are carefully crafted in the hip hop apparel style that you love. Today, we wanted to take a minute to share our passion and honor denim the same way we’d honor anything else - by discovering its roots, where it comes from, and what makes it so great.

The Warp and the Weft

Denim is a woven fabric, meaning that it’s created by passing a horizontal thread over and under a series of vertical threads. The horizontal thread is referred to as the weft, and the vertical threads are the warp threads. In traditional denim, the warp threads are dyed with indigo (the “blue jean” color), and the weft thread is left white. While it may seem odd that half of the thread that goes into blue jeans is white, it makes a lot of sense when you look closely at a pair of worn or frayed jeans - as these areas are usually white. This is why jeans are lighter on the inside, and appear to be whiter in areas where they are worn and stretched, like the knees, as you are seeing the weft thread poke through.

The Invention Of Denim

Denim has a few origin stories and the true invention of denim may have been lost with time. However, the most accepted theory is that the fabric was invented in 17th century in Nimes, France. Originally called “serge de Nimes”, or “worsted fabric from Nimes,” eventually the name was shortened to “de Nimes,” and finally, “de Nim,” or denim, as we know it. Though we don’t know who first invented cotton denim, it only takes a walk through the mall to see who has been successful in the denim industry.

Turning Denim Into The Blue Jeans We Know

Denim was used for some time to make pants, but the traditional jeans we know didn’t come about until the 1800s. A tailor named Jacob Davis began to incorporate metal rivets into jeans where they commonly tore, like the pockets. The denim supplier for Davis’s jeans was none other than Levi Strauss. The two men patented the riveted blue jeans which later became synonymous with labor workers like farmers, miners, cowboys, and ranch hands.

Jeans didn’t hit their stride as casualwear until the 20th century. Jeans became popular among soldiers, and in 1950, James Dean gave denim the ultimate seal of approval after wearing blue jeans in Rebel Without A Cause. From that point forward, jeans became the favorite bottoms of subcultures like greasers and hippies, and were banned in some schools as late as the ‘70s. Eventually, everybody got on board with jeans due to their comfort and versatility, and eventually became commonplace and accepted across America.

What Makes A. Tiziano Different

At A. Tiziano, our premium denim jeans are a cut above the rest. We use the highest quality stretch denim available to create our jeans, and many of our bottoms from our zipper pocket jeans line are hand-dyed or hand-sanded to create the best denim jeans with the most unique designs. Conforming to the latest in new urban fashion, our jeans are designed for men of exceptional style and class who want to look polished without forfeiting the hip hop streetwear flair that A. Tiziano is known for. See our collection of cool jeans for men and discover the difference that premium denim makes in your clothing.