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Street Style Influencer: Kanye West

by Agnes Munala on October 30, 2017

If there is one name that is synonymous with modern hip-hop fashion, it has to be Kanye West. From oversized hoodies to leather joggers to bomber jackets to tight denim, Kanye seems to turn heads wherever he goes with his keen sense of streetwear style and his willingness to take fashion risks.

Kanye has had a lot to say about fashion throughout his career, and much of his fashion advice should be noted by young men following in his streetwear footsteps.

Tight Jeans Mix Rap And Rock

While many rappers were baggier-than-baggy jeans for decades, Kanye has had a hand in changing the scene. In an interview with GQ, Kanye said, “Skinny pants are rock ‘n’ roll/ And big coats are really hip-hop. I’m looking for 50 percent rock ‘n’ roll, 50 percent hip-hop, 50 percent genius.” While we won’t dispute his math, Kanye basically makes the point that his personal style is part rap, part rock, and part innovator. If no one breaks the mold, the mold never changes, and Kanye knows that.

The Importance Of Layering

Here at A. Tiziano, we often give the advice to our readers that learning how to layer in important. This isn’t just to look nice, but it is incredibly practical as well. In the same interview, Kanye professed his love of layers, saying, “If you’re wearing layers, you can be in L.A., New York, Paris, in an airport lounge, or on a plane, taking layers on and off however.”

But there is an art to layering, and it doesn’t involve throwing on everything you own. Kanye has mentioned before that his wardrobe is very monochromatic - you’ve probably seen his famous all-white or all-black outfits. Mixing colors and fabrics can be a great look if done right, but it can also look messy or even too fancy. To achieve this look, A. Tiziano offers many of our streetwear jackets in the same color and pattern as our premium denim. For example, pair our Hogan zipper pocket jeans with our Jones high quality denim jacket for a truly unique streetwear fashion style.

High Fashion Should Be Affordable

Kanye is known for wearing high-end, designer clothing that would demolish most of our bank accounts with one dope jacket. However, Kanye has been vocal in the past about keeping high-fashion, urban clothing affordable. He is quoted saying, “It’s illegal to not wear clothes… That means someone is imposing an idea on you that should legally have to do! Clothing should be like food. There should never be a $5000 sweater. You know what should cost $5000? A car should be $5000.” We would like to take a moment to point out that Yeezy sold a plain cotton t-shirt for nearly $200, and Kanye is regularly seen driving cars that cost much, much more than five thousand dollars. But who’s keeping track? We think the point ‘Ye was making is that if fashion and media is saying you should look a certain way or dress a certain way, it should be affordable to do so.

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