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March Madness Final Four

by Brett Love on March 29, 2022

 Photo: Bailey Burton Photography

The culminating event of March Madness is upon us! After a long month of excitement, the Final Four takes place this Saturday April 2nd at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans. The event begins with Villanova vs. University of Kansas at 5:09pm Central Time, followed by Duke vs. University of North Carolina at 7:49pm Central Time. Finally, the National Championship game kicks off Monday at 9:20pm Central Time.

Here are some exciting facts about the Final Four!

Duke’s coach, Krzyzewski, plans to retire after this season. He has won three gold medals for coaching the US men's basketball team in the Olympics in 2008, 2012, and 2016. He has led Duke to five national titles, 15 ACC tournament championships, and 13 final fours. They are favored to win over UNC.

Longtime rivals Duke and UNC have never played each other before during the NCAA tournament. Don’t miss this game, since it should be an exciting one!

Kansas has the longest streak of consecutive NCAA tournament appearances. They are predicted to win over Villanova.

Villanova has had a small number of head coaches, boasting only 8 since 1920. This fact illustrates the team’s longevity and consistency in coaching. Additionally, many players have five seasons under their belts.

With these four teams, these games should be ones for the books!