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How To Stay Warm This Winter Without Sacrificing Style

Winter is coming, and no, we’re not just quoting Game of Thrones here. Before we know it, the leaves will be changing color, the temperature will drop, and many areas of the country will be covered in snow. While women figured out long ago how to look good all year without freezing to death, in all honesty, us guys might need a few more pointers to really nail the winter wardrobe. Today, we speak directly to those guys who sacrifice fashion for warmth by throwing on the same oversized winter jacket year after year.

Embrace Layers

For those extra cold days, don’t feel like you can’t layer two or three tops. Layering is perfect for those days when you’ll be moving in and out of warm and cold environments all day. For practical reasons, the most important part about layering is the order in which you layer. You always want the thinnest item to be closest to your body, that way each new layer adds an exponential amount of warmth as each layer is thicker than the last. This is something that we do naturally and is probably the easiest part about layering.

While you shouldn’t shy away from mixing colors and patterns, make sure to keep patterns subtle if you have more than one. For example, you might not want to mix polka dots and plaid, but you could perhaps wear a plaid button up shirt with a cable-knit sweater. Below we’ve offered an example of a four-layered outfit from A. Tiziano and why it works.

The tan t-shirt is a great base. It’s neutral without being boring and will be great for when you are sweating after running up stairs in your other layers. On top of the tee, we’ve added a cozy olive/brown sweater. This is great because the color of the sweater will complement the t-shirt should the collar of the tee poke through. After that, we’ve added our rusty bleached denim jacket. We’re still using darker colors so no piece overshadows another, but rather works together to create a stylish package. You may be thinking that a denim jacket should be a top layer, but we’re actually going to add one more piece. It’s the dead of winter after all! To complete this look, wear our off-white cotton blazer with rust-colored contrast patches. These reddish patches will tie in great with the denim jacket without clashing. Are you seeing how this can all come together? The key is to ensure that all the layers look great together, but can also stand on their own for when you start taking the layers off.

Try out other layering options for a more classic look, such as a plaid button up shirt under a neutral sweater, topped off with a nice winter coat that will add to your outfit, rather than cover it up such as this one.

Invest In Some Nice Jeans

Layering on top is significantly cooler than layering on bottom - as nobody walks around with two pairs of pants on without garnering the wrong kind of double-takes. If you’re spending time outside on the coldest days, you might want to wear some long johns under your jeans - but this isn’t very practical for a day at the office. (After all, layering on top is great because you can remove layers - if you take off your jeans at the office and are only wearing a pair of long underwear, you might not have that job for too much longer, we’re just saying.) If you have been wearing lightweight, cheap jeans all summer it might be time to invest in something a little more heavy-duty. High quality jeans are thicker and will keep you warmer during the winter, and thankfully A. Tiziano specializes in premium denim. Our line of zipper pocket jeans are made from high quality denim in the hip hop apparel style, so you’ll never sacrifice style for warmth.

We’ve been making stylish men’s clothes for years and have designed our style to meld luxury streetwear with high quality jeans and materials, making us one of the premier urban clothing lines on the market. From our streetwear jackets to our urban sweaters and premium denim, A. Tiziano has the layers you need to keep you looking cool and feeling warm this winter. Check out our modern sweaters and outerwear here that is perfect for even the coldest nights.