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How To Make Your Quality Jeans Last Longer

A few years ago, the CEO of Levi’s, Chip Bergh, made a bold statement when he said to keep jeans out of the washing machine. This is partly to make them last longer, and partly to conserve water. Bergh said that he will spot clean his jeans with a damp washcloth if they “aren’t a total mess,” and will hand wash them when needed which, he claims, is rare. Bergh said in an interview, “A good pair of denim doesn’t really need to be washed in the washing machine except for very infrequently or rarely.” Although we’d be willing to bet that Bergh has more quality jeans than he knows what to do with, and with so many to choose from, we can see how they might never need a wash.

For many, never washing a pair of jeans seems insane. Many experts have weighed in on this issue. For example, Business Insider suggested washing your jeans only when they start to get smelly, which they suggest is every 2-6 months. Tech Insider, which is a subsite of Business Insider, took a more scientific approach and looked at the sanitary repercussions of going so long between washes and recommended washing about every 4 wears. Popsugar, a popular fashion blog, recommends washing jeans every 5-6 wears.

Buzzfeed took a poll of its readers to ask them how often they wash their jeans. With over 3 million votes, the responses were surprisingly varied. About 30 percent of people, the highest percentage, said they wash their jeans “After I’ve worn them two or three times.” The next largest group at 24 percent seemed to agree with Business Insider, saying they wash their jeans “Whenever they start to smell a little bit -- it all depends on what I’ve been doing in them, and how much I’ve sweated in them. 17 percent claimed they wash their jeans “only when I’ve dropped food on them, accidentally sat in mud, or got something else gross on them.” Only 5 percent of people said they wash their jeans after every wear, and 2 percent are with Levi’s CEO in never washing their jeans.

Despite the varying preferences for how often to wash your jeans, the general consensus seems to be that the less you wash them, the better shape they will be in, except for smell and stains - but the actual denim will stay in good shape.

Ultimately, the decision on how often to wash your jeans is up to you. If you only wear your jeans to work at a desk job, you can probably get away with longer between washes than if you work outside or had a jolly time eating wings when watching the game last Sunday. That being said, there are a few steps to take to make sure that you get the most life out of your A. Tiziano jeans. Streetwear jeans often come faded, dyed, or hand-painted for style. This doesn’t mean they aren’t fresh jeans that need to be treated nicely.

How To Make Your Jeans Last

  1. Wash in cold water: When you do wash your jeans, wash them on gentle in cold water - or hand wash them if you have the time. Use just a small amount of detergent. Warm water can cause the even the best quality jeans to fade, shrink, or lose elasticity. Pro tip: turn them inside out to protect the outside of the jeans.
  2. Hang them up to dry: Throwing your jeans in a hot dryer is the fastest way to dry them, sure, but it will cause shrinkage and can ultimately change the pattern of the denim threads, making them not fit exactly how they should. Instead, hang your jeans inside to prevent sun damage. They might be stiff when you first put them on, but that should go away within the hour.
  3. Spot clean: If you spill something on your jeans or sit in something weird, try spot cleaning before you throw them in the laundry. Use a damp washcloth or slightly soapy water and a toothbrush to scrub off any offending stains.
  4. Don’t wear them every day: Have a proper jean rotation to avoid wearing the same pair day in and day out. This will allow the jeans to have a break and for the elasticity to reset itself before taking them out again.
  5. Buy high-quality jeans: This one is obvious, but the nicer quality your jeans are, the longer they will last. A. Tiziano uses only premium denim in our jeans to ensure that you are getting a quality piece of clothing. If you buy cheap jeans, they are going to wear out faster. Let’s say you buy a $25 pair of jeans. These might last you three months - meaning you’ll spend $100 on jeans a year just replacing that one pair. It makes more sense to spend a little more on jeans that will last a year or two at least, and look and feel a lot better than cheap denim.

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