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Casual Street Fashion Terms Every Guy Should Know

In our last blog post, we discussed some formal fashion terms that every guy should know. This time, our premium menswear brand is tackling casual street fashion terms that you might see on our blog or on your favorite urban style blog. Continue reading to learn some valuable fashion jargon to describe stylish mens clothes, and be sure to treat yourself to something nice this winter by adding a few new A. Tiziano pieces to your wardrobe.

Casual Fashion Terms To Know

Bomber Jacket: Bomber jackets, a staple of hip hop and urban clothing fashion, originated in the 1940s and were designed for pilots who flew bomber planes during World War II. Because cockpits were not pressurized at the time, pilots flying at high altitudes were exposed to extremely cold temperature. The bomber jacket, which falls just above the hips, is designed to give pilots enough ease of movement to fly a plane while still providing enough warmth. Check out this signature A. Tiziano camo bomber jacket.

Acid-Wash: We’ve all heard of acid-washed jeans, but what exactly does this mean? The fashion trend was actually created by accident when a jean manufacturer accidentally tumbled a bunch of bleach-soaked pumice stones in a washing machine with jeans. We don’t know how you accidentally do something like that, but the look was an instant hit thanks to the jeans feeling soft and having a worn-out appearance. At A. Tiziano, we offer some jeans in a faux-acid-wash look created by cold dying so you can have the style while still buying jeans that are in great shape.

Slim-fit: Everything from shirts to pants to jackets can come in “slim-fit.” This doesn’t mean they’re just for lean guys though. Everyone can look good in a properly fitting slim-fit outfit.  Slim-fit clothing comes in all sizes, and just refers to the cut of an item. Slim-fit dress shirts are often tapered to hang closer to the body and fit appropriately on the arms. Slim-fit pants are devoid of pleats, fit snugly on the thigh, and taper slightly towards the ankle.

Bootcut: Bootcut refers to a certain shape of jeans that flare out at the base to fit over work boots. Unless you’re actually wearing work boots and jeans to work every day, we suggest staying away from bootcut pants regardless of your body type. Most men look best in straight-leg, slim-fit cuts.

Cardigan: A cardigan is a fashionable open-front knit garment. They are usually thinner than a sweater but can be thick and cozy as well. They can be worn open or closed, over a plain tee or over a cool button-up, and are appropriate for both casual and semi-formal events. While some think of cardigans as being feminine, the biggest names in men’s fashion sport cardigans year-round.

Crewneck v. V-neck v. Boatneck: These are the three main types of necklines found on men’s t-shirts. A crewneck hugs the neckline tightly and is what most t-shirts are. A v-neck tee is, of course, a t-shirt with a V-shaped neck that dips down. These can be very subtle and close to the base of the neck or can be full-on capital-V neck that shows off the chest and at least ten ribs. A boatneck shirt is a type of rounded, scoop-neck top that is much more open than a crewneck.

Chinos: Chino cloth is a type of twill fabric made from lightweight cotton. When pants are made of this fabric, they are usually called “chinos.” Chinos are generally believed to be more formal than jeans and less formal than dress pants, making them perfect to wear to casual summer parties and for day-to-day work life.

Shawl Collar: In our formal fashion terms blog we talked about shawl lapels. A shawl collar is similar, but usually refers to a certain type of collar found on many modern sweaters for men. A shawl collar, as seen on our Wagner contemporary sweater, refers to a collar that is soft and rounded, and lays flat against the sweater.

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