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7 Fashion Mistakes every Man Has Made, And How To Avoid Them

Look, no man is born knowing how to dress well. We’ve all made fashion mistakes at one point or another. Today, we’d like to talk about seven fashion mistakes that every man has made in their lifetime. If you’re still doing some of these, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

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7 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

Baggy Dress Shirts

If there is one thing that connects men everywhere, it’s that at some point in our lives, we’ve all worn oversized, baggy dress shirts. There was a time that baggy menswear was all that department stores sold. However, if you haven’t bought a new dress shirt since 1999, you might still be guilty of this. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a smaller size button up, but look for shirts that are slim fit through the shoulders and arms. Then, take it to the tailor. Seriously, they will be able to make your shirt fit perfectly and it will make all the difference.

Shorts That Look More Like Pants

Again, at one point big, baggy cargo shorts were the fashion. These days, we know you look better in shorts that, well, fit. The hem of your shorts should fall in the middle of your kneecap or above. Anything longer will make you look untidy.

Wearing A Tie With A Short-Sleeve Shirt

Boys under twelve and people going door-to-door to teach the Good Word are the exception for who can pull this look off. We know it’s hard to dress nicely when it’s hot out and it can be tempting to pop a tie on a short sleeve button up. Instead, opt for a long-sleeve button up and cuff the sleeves. If your event wasn’t nice enough to put on a long-sleeve button up in the first place, ditch the tie and wear some nice shoes instead.

Not Tailoring Their Nice Clothes

Some men go as far as tailoring t-shirts. This may be a little excessive, but unless you just happen to fit into your clothes perfectly, get to know a friendly tailor. If you spent a lot of money on a suit, it better fit like it was made for you. A tailor can help ensure that everything from the shoulders to the hems of your pants hit in the right place.

Too Long or Too Short Ties

We’ll say it louder for the people who missed it the first time: Your tie should hit at the center of your belt buckle! Anything longer it’s a loincloth, and anything shorter it’s clownish. If you tie it wrong the first time, that’s okay. Keep trying until you get it right and soon it will be second nature.

Putting Too Much In Your Pockets

We have all been ‘that guy’ at the concert who kept a water bottle in one pocket, a giant bottle of sunscreen in another, and still found space to shove our wallet, keys, and girlfriend’s cell phone in there. Just because you can fit all of that in your pockets, doesn’t mean you should. Keep your appearance slim and streamlined by keeping pockets relatively vacant.

Not Staying Properly Groomed

Fellas, we’re not saying you need to schedule an appointment at your local waxing salon, but just be aware of the hair you have. Buy a pair of tweezers and take care of a unibrow or any nose hairs you don’t want - there’s no shame in it and it will make you look more put together. Other sneaky culprits include hair on the back of your neck between visits to the barber and the dreaded “neckbeard.” Be Hair Aware.

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