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4 Jackets To Get You Through Winter

by Agnes Munala on November 02, 2017

There are two types of men in this world: those who wear t-shirts and shorts throughout winter swearing they aren’t cold even as they actively get frostbite, and those who look like a toddler drowning in their older brother’s hand-me-down winter coat. We get it. There are a lot of winter coats out there that, frankly, are not cool and we’d rather be cold than wear them. But you don’t have to freeze to death every time you leave the house. While some people enjoy living in parts of the country that do not receive any notable snowfall or freezing temperatures, most of us are not so lucky. As we begin to pull out our winter coats and scarves, here are a few A. Tiziano hip hop jackets that will help you stay warm while looking cool.

Tyvis Long Nylon Bomber Jacket

This dope jacket is next-level streetwear style. This long bomber jacket falls at the upper thigh, making it perfect for staying warm throughout the winter months. This is also a very utilitarian jacket with multiple pockets to house your gloves or beanie when you step inside from the cold. With a double-collar that stands up, your neck will have some protection from the bad weather, making this a great piece of urban outerwear to wear during the winter.

Ernesto Car Coat

Car coats are pretty much what they sound like - a coat designed for driving in a car. These days, we have seat heaters and windshields to keep us safe, but in the early 1900s, driving was practically considered an outdoor sport. Most cars were open-top and there were no heating systems, so drivers and passengers needed to wear long, protective coats. Car coats provide the warmth and length of a pea coat while being more casual and allowing for more movement. This particular car coat in beige features a large hood to keep your neck and head warm during snowstorms, as well as a zippered breast pocket. Best of all? This hip hop jacket is currently on sale.

Beckett Polyurethane Bomber Jacket

This snow-white urban outwear will have you blending in with your surroundings during a blizzard, and will keep you exceptionally warm as well. Made from polyurethane, this water-resistant jacket won’t soak up the rain and snow, keeping you comfortable and dry.

Jake Cotton Quilted Knit Hoodie

First off, this urban hoodie is a work of art. From the three-dimensional texture across the trunk to the single brass-colored metal zipper that runs across the chest to the quilted moto elbow pieces, this navy blue hoodie is especially stylish and modern. The high cowl neck with elastic drawstrings will keep you warm, allowing you to bundle up during the coldest days of the year. This is also one of our slimmer hoodies, so it is perfect to layer under our other urban outerwear.

Don’t Let The Snow Get You Down

Your premier supplier of stylish men’s clothes and urban streetwear online is here to tell you that just because it’s snowing, doesn’t mean you have to throw your style in the garbage. Layer your hip hop jackets over other warm items and use your coat to add to your outfit, not cover it up. The outerwear above is perfect for staying warm. Order yours today and get it before winter is underway.