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3 Outfits Every Man Needs In His Closet

While your day to day style may stay pretty constant, there are a few events that you’ll experience now and again that require you to step it up a little bit. Today, we’ve identified three events where a t-shirt and jeans just won’t cut it and you’ll need to dress a head above the rest if you truly want to impress.

The Interview

No matter what job you’re interviewing for, you’ll always want to look your best. An interview outfit should portray confidence, cleanliness, and responsibility. Do some research about the company before you interview to try and discern the dress code. If everyone in the office is wearing a suit and tie, please don’t show up to your interview in jeans and a t-shirt. But if you can tell that the dress code is more casual, you could probably get away with a button up and some nice, dark jeans. The general rule of thumb is to dress nicer than the position you’re applying for. You’ll also want to stand out from the rest of the interviewees, so opting for a plain white button down shirt and khakis probably won’t distinguish you. Our Sampson button up is a great option. Whatever shirt you choose, make sure it is free of wrinkles and makes you stand out for the right reasons.

The Date Night

Date night can be a little trickier, especially since a date night can range from a casual movie to a 5-star dinner. When in doubt, it’s always better to dress a little nicer than you think you need to. You don’t necessarily need to wear your interview outfit (but you could), but go for something dimensional or with a collar. Our polos make a great choice for this during the summer, or if it’s a colder month, you can always wear one of our cozy urban sweaters. Modern sweaters are unexpected, but always are a hit with the ladies. We personally recommend our Wagner sweater for a date night. The colors and pattern are neutral so it won’t clash with your date’s outfit, and she’ll love getting close to the soft material.

The Family Dinner

Family dinners can range from a fun, weekly get-together to a once-a-year nightmare that everyone dreads but pretends they’re excited for. Either way, most men want to look a little nice when the family gets together, especially if a doting grandma is going to be there. Try going with a nice plaid dress shirt for men of distinguished taste. The plaid makes it a casual choice for every day, but the tailored fit will make sure you look neat. We love our William plaid button up shirt for a family dinner, and the color scheme will look especially appropriate for the upcoming holidays.

Is Your Wardrobe Looking Stale?

If you’re wearing the same shirt to an interview that you wore to your high school graduation, then it might be time to update your wardrobe a bit and finally get that urban street fashion style you've been longing for. Adding a few nice pieces to your collection is the perfect way to make sure you’re prepared for any date or interview. Check out the rest of our premium menswear, high quality jeanscool dress shirts and urban sweaters for more options.